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Sound off for March 22

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In most cases, the grass isn’t greener on the other side.

If we ever want to see real change and improvement in our schools, the BoE chair has got to go! She lets the superintendent take the blame for everything, but they are both guilty of ruining our school system. Let’s hope someone honest runs against her, really!

If the attorney really did advise the BOE to pay the superintendent $190,000 then maybe he would like to chip in some money to pay it, instead of the taxpayers of Liberty County. In fact, he could pay part and the BOE members that voted to hire her can pay the rest. That sounds fair to me.

We should be concerned that the BoE chief financial officer was getting paid $141,000 per year! What part of his job entailed that the pay should be so high! I think the next step is to examine some salaries at the BoE level and really evaluate whether or not all those high paid jobs are needed!

Ask a teacher how much supply money they got this year, ask them how much time they get for quality planning, ask about class sizes, ask about things that directly impact student achievement. Then ask yourself, was paying a superintendent (who was at the end of her contract) nearly $200,000 to sit home is the best choice?

The murders on Rebecca Street scream to be transferred to military jurisdiction. Let them handle their own and Liberty County will save the many hundreds of thousands the trial will cost, to say nothing of the money saved if the suspect is found guilty and housed in the Georgia prison system for something approaching a life sentence.

What is up with the school buses on 84 every afternoon from Midway speeding and weaving in and out of traffic. The other day one bus was going 70 mph, swerving in and around cars and other buses. Where is the sheriff and are they going to let a bad accident happen before they do something?

Disciple referrals may be down in Liberty County schools, but it’s not because students are behaving better, it’s because the central office is making principals delete them and punishing teachers for writing them. Consequences for bad behavior have also been reduced, but the numbers look good!

What is this playing out on the American scene, a return of the TV show “Dallas?” Come on now Republicans, Americans, first the POTUS brings in his daughter and son-in-law, next his crooked and racist buddies, then come the spouses of sitting congressmen, and as if that isn’t enough, the husband of Kellye! Is there no limit to the lack of class and ethics?

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