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Sound off for March 23

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Define irony. You teach in the Liberty County School System, but your children attend private school. Think about it.

If that’s a park, we’ve missed the mark.

Could the Hinesville City Council please consider opening Gate 7 on the weekends? Thank you.

I wonder if our politicians are going to go and lay in the street in memory of the slain police officers that’s been being killed by thugs. I just wonder if they will lay in the street for that one.

It’s just so sad that it’s coming, and it’s coming quick, that we will not be able to live off the land anymore — not with these pipelines running all through. And even here in Georgia, this pipeline, it’s going to leak. Every river will be polluted. It’s just sad because greed and money and lives to us are another dollar.

I do not consider myself a close friend of Allan Brown’s, but was disturbed at the letter criticizing him and his time in office. The letter appeared to be a personal attack, and in my opinion, not a single word of it was true. Allan was a great mayor who made common-sense decisions and represented this city to the world in a way that made me very proud to be from Hinesville.

This is message to the city leaders of Hinesville. Pretty much any street that you drive down in Hinesville, Georgia, … the manholes are lower than the asphalt. It’s destroying everybody’s tires and front ends on their vehicles. Absolutely ridiculous for the streets in Hinesville to be like this. Very poor engineering and management.

Yes, the problem with a lot of the kids and the youth these days are in parenthood, the parents raising the kids. About two weeks ago, the Coastal Courier had 15 birth announcements in Sunday’s paper. About only three of these birth announcements had the same names of the parents. The rest of them either didn’t have the father’s name or separate names, and you couldn’t pronounce the names of none of them.

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