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Sound off for March 27

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I’m 63 years old I’ve always viewed my country as the greatest nation in the world. For over four decades it has been my objective along with countless of America’s to make it even greater, working with men and women of diverse backgrounds with one goal. It’s awful that this great nation has a White House with no credibility, a White House that has no respect mankind. God bless America!

Marcus Scott: Sometimes I don’t understand how crazy we are in Hinesville to support a man that is trying his best to embarrass Hinesville. It’s so funny to me how he claims to do great work in Hinesville but his own son doesn’t go to school here. When he is finished with us we will be the fools and he will be laughing at us.

A Fool’s folly is all I can call the POTUS behavior in front of the world in the meeting with Germany’s Merkel. Is he serious? Republicans, you might not believe in decorum, but most decent Americans do. The continuous lies and childish behavior are bad enough here at home, but when done on a worldwide stage, unforgivable.

The only false news is coming from Donald Trump.

Why is Donald Trump at war with the media? He should be thanking them for getting him elected.

Trump doesn’t want the new health care bill to be called Trumpcare and Paul Ryan doesn’t want it to be called Ryancare. Maybe we should call it Republicancare.

No good has come from the White House which appears to be very dysfunctional at this point. The POTUS is full nothing but black lies. May God have mercy on the POTUS soul.

Donald Trump is a compulsive liar! It’s been proven over and over again. Enough already! American People...please wake the heck up!

Hinesville really needs more food delivery services. Right now a couple of Chinese places, some pizza joints, and I think one Italian food place, and a waffle joint are all that deliver. How about some delivery for Mexican food, or barbecue, or fried chicken?

I have heard that there was a place in Liberty County where tea plants were planted and people picked tea leaves into the 20 century. If anyone knows about this, please let the paper know or say something in Sound off.

Now that high school basketball is over, will we have be having anything in the paper about soccer? Also the photography taking pictures of the soccer team. I see photos of baseball, track, basketball, but what about soccer?

Can anyone tell my why in the world three commissioners would be absent from the last county meeting when they knew the fire protection plan would be on the agenda. Something smells fishy. This plan is being jammed down our throats.

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