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Sound off for May 1

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If the county collected all of the back taxes, we wouldn’t have to raise taxes for fire protection and SPLOST. Tax commissioner, do your job. Why should I pay taxes when nobody else does?

Our problems with the Liberty County School System can be summed up in two words: affirmative action.

It is spring break and the school speed limit signs are flashing. Why? Answer: generate speeding ticket revenue.

According to the Courier, our tax commissioner is definitely doing a poor job. There’s four to five pages of people late on their taxes, some of them as late as 14 years.

Wow, a $24,000 raise for the administrator in one lick and the employees that cutting grass and operating equipment might get a 1 to 3 percent raise, and some years nothing? Something don’t seem right.

I didn’t know they sold pythons at that pet store. I’m going to get one to control cats, dogs and trespassing kids in my yard. I might get one for each side of my house.

Interesting that the leaders from Great Britain, Germany, Egypt and Jordan were met at the White House. Yet Japan and China were treated to a Florida retreat. Wonder who or what else was going on?

I would like to see the city of Hinesville bring more business to the downtown area. I have traveled to other rural areas of Georgia and their downtown looks way more attractive than ours. We have only two restaurants and nothing else to attract people downtown. Instead of advertising a building company (that everyone in my neighborhood and others complain about), we should focus on bring businesses.

My grandkids got me started in recycling, and now I find out that the recycle bins have been taken away on Carter Street. An explanation would sure help. Also are there any other sites in the Hinesville area. If not, I guess the landfills will again be a dumping ground for our plastic items.

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