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Sound off for May 10

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All those protesters against Confederate Memorial Day need to go back North where they belong and leave us alone.

All that money y’all paying out to the superintendent, what about the workers that are working. Y’all are giving out a 3 percent raise. That ain’t no money.

What’s going on with our commissary? It’s getting ridiculous. There’s nothing on the shelves. The workers in there are rude. When you ask for help, people act like you’re bothering them. They way we’re going we’re going to lose our privileges.

Teachers deserve the 2 percent as a pay adjustment so they will have that additional 2 percent next year. A one-time bonus is not acceptable. Treat our teachers right.

As B.J. Thomas said, “Whatever happened to old fashioned love.”

I’d like to congratulation them kids that went down there and cleaned up downtown.

Here’s another issue to solve for the Liberty County School System, student clothes. My recommendation is simple: All people working for the schools where uniforms. And all people means everyone.

Stop this wasteful practice of retreats at taxpayer and consumer’s expense. This includes: city, county, hospital, development authorities. Get your jobs done at work like the rest of us. For those in elected positions, don’t go on retreats or expect to get voted out next election.

(1) I don’t like the $190K severance pay either, but a weekly Sound off about it just makes me sicker. Can we please stop posting these? (2) Our BOE already has a black eye from all this arguing/accusing mess. Again, drop it. If you’re upset, take it to the polls. (3) If some teachers don’t like it at Lyman Hall, transfer somewhere else. No one reading Sound off can fix your petty problems. The principal is a good man who genuinely cares for kids and did a fine job at Bradwell. “Moo” on to greener pastures, complainers. (4) Annual St. Simons grief hits again. Sometimes in business, the best way to get certain planning done is to get away from your office. Too many Taj Mahals in 31313? Yes. Whine about this every year? No. So, can we all please find some new, juicy stuff to sound off about? Thank you, readers, I hear those amens.

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