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Sound off for May 11

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Wake up, Liberty County. The superintendent has applied for another job. She’s looking to leave after messing this county up. I challenge the editor to find out if she really pulled her application before the choosing of a new superintendent in Florida. Let’s find out the truth about it.

Many of us parents are struggling to pay for our kids to play sports in high school. Many of us have two or three kids playing, and we pay our share. But it’s unfair that we pay higher fees because some parents say they can’t afford it, but they can afford designer shoes for their kids. This is not right. If you can’t afford it, then your kids shouldn’t play.

I get so tired of people whining and complaining about the city government using their money and throwing them out of the buildings that they paid for. As a taxpayer for 30 years, paying property taxes in Hinesville, the most you’ve paid for is probably one or two police cars. And you seem to forget: The mayor and the council are taxpayers as well. So stop complaining, making people think that you bought something when you really only bought, maybe, a car.

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