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Sound off for May 13

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I would like to know why it’s OK for Dr. Lee to go ahead and apply for other positions and, if accepting them, break her contract when she told the teachers of Liberty County, in no uncertain terms, that they were not going to be allowed to break their contracts for a lateral move. Superintendent position to superintendent position is a lateral move. What’s good for the goose should be good for the gander.

I would like to know why when 56 percent of the teachers in the county of Liberty County voted to keep once-a-month pay, the board took it upon themselves to change their minds and they went ahead and voted and instilled that we were going to have pay twice a month. They totally went against the vote that the teachers gave and went ahead and did what they wanted to do anyway.

Since Liberty County is now becoming a charter-school county, and all the schools are having to get rid of their school councils and go into the new school-governance teams, is Liberty County Board of Education going to follow suit and follow the rules and regulations and get rid of the Board of Education members, and then go into a governance team, which will have community members, teachers, parents, etc., on it, or are they going to do what they want to do, as usual, and just keep things, the status quo, the way it is?

… Evidently, the county commissioners and the City Council just don’t get it. I cannot believe they went to St. Simons, or on a retreat, and put in the paper to discuss the SPLOST issue. Spending taxpayers’ money to discuss the SPLOST issue. Unbelievable.

I am the mother of a special-needs child, and I would like to thank the sheriff’s department in Long County for the way they handled a difficult situation. I am so glad they acted so professional. When the crisis unit was called to respond, they came to the scene but were unable to offer any intervention. They you, Long County, you are growing and changing with the times.

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