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Sound off for May 16

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How can you call in the morning and talk to probate court and they say they’re open until 5, but when you take off work and go up there to do business and they door’s locked with no sign on the door? I’m so frustrated.

That letter you printed May 1st about stopping the liberal insanity was the most honest, truthful, fact filled thing that has ever been printed in this newspaper.

The Atlanta School Board just announced they are cutting some central office positions to rein in administrative spending and to help align staffing with enrollment. I wonder whether our superintendent will try this summer to create more central office positions to hire out-of-work administrative staff, and will our school board let her?

The Liberty County School System has chosen to honor its retiring teachers with a Dr. Seuss-themed celebration. Participants are encouraged to wear Seuss costumes. Heavy hors d’oeuvres will be served at $10 per person. This sendoff is another example of how elementary-dominated our system is. Thirty-plus years of devoted service deserves more gratitude than this farce. A better use of the money would be to purchase consumables to all teachers. Perhaps our Board of Education might consider ways to retain experienced employees rather than pay bonuses to recruit new teachers.

It’s sickening that some of the preachers, all they talk about in the pulpit is people. Let’s talk about Jesus. That’s all. Stop talking about people and nightclubs and such. We want to hear the word of Jesus.

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