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Sound off for May 18

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Why is our superintendent stirring up the pot and now trying to move kitchens? We hope she finds her kitchen soon so she can leave ours alone.

I sat in my son’s pediatrician’s office today for three hours, waiting to seen. I had an appointment and still waited for three hours to be told, “Everything’s good, everything looks fine, call me when you need me.” I think we really need a better system. There’s no reason I should have sat for three hours to be told, “All’s good, see you next time.”

What happened to Button Gwinnett’s field-day T-shirts this year? Where did they come from? They’re awful.

Why is it that after 8 o’clock when you go buy some shakes and you go through the drive-thru, they never give you your change back? Makes you wonder. I know it’s supposed to be a sale after eight, but you should get your change back regardless.

“Gotta play” has nothing to do with the theme. That should’ve been thought out a little bit better so that the shirts would’ve come out much better than that.

Thanks to the change in the law, child-support recovery is overwhelmed, and the court system is slow as all get-out. Without the threat of a driver’s license suspension, I can slack off on my child-support payments. Thank you, gentlemen.

Why didn’t Button Gwinnett have Career Day or Career Week this year? Me and my kids were looking forward to it. I hope they do it next year.

Maybe it’s me, but I’m pretty sure the Board of Education has better things to do than to listen to a parent complain about recess for a fourth-grader. LOL.

Congratulations to my former student, Donnie Pulliam. You made me proud to be an educator from Liberty County. Thank you so much for showing your support for us during your award ceremony. He is a man to watch out for. You made me proud, Donnie.

I have no problems with my kids missing recess, especially fourth grade. They need to be in the classroom learning. To the parent complaining about recess, schedule a play date for your unhappy fourth-grader.

Whine, whine, whine. Some of the parents of Liberty County, all they do is whine. I cannot believe parents are whining about recess for fourth-graders. Really? What are you going to do when they get to middle school and high school? Get a life and focus on grades and them passing to fifth grade. Really? You parents must really don’t have anything better to do.

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