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Sound off for May 20
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To the person making the comment about Mr. Frasier’s comments about Obama and stuff: I think this is just our opinion; I believe you are racist.

I’m calling about Sound off. All of these people here are talking about how President Obama is doing a bad job and is not a good president. I’d like to say what people used to say: “If you don’t like him, move to another country, because he’s our president.” Where’s your patriotism?

What other people think of you is none of your darn business.

You know, I’m a proud American, and I’m proud to be an American. But it is so hard to be that way with the direction that our country’s going in.

Lots of days I go around my house and sometimes my yard in my pajamas. They are not dingy or dirty until I do some work in them. Then they might be, but my day clothes would get dirty, too. I’m properly covered up, and when I go to bed, I take a shower and put on some clean pajamas. It’s my business, not yours — get out of it.

To the caller who stated something in the paper about Obama coming to visit Fort Stewart: Seems like you have nothing else better to do. It wasn’t him who started the war; the war started before he became president. You may want to redo your history before you bash our president.

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