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Sound off for May 24

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To the article on deputies, the sheriff doesn’t cover them all, just the ones that do for him. An incident happened to a jailer outside of work and they lost their job. Lets talk about taking care of his boys.

Since when did our elected officials become so rude and disrespectful at public meetings? The last couple of meetings were appalling. I think some diva and ego attitudes should be left at the door. Remember we elected you and we have to power to elect someone else!

The NAACP used to fight for people who was wronged by no fault of their own. The Liberty County Sheriff’s Department has yet again forced another person of color to retire while the NAACP does nothing but act as if they are doing so much for the people. Maybe since the NAACP backed the sheriff, why do you not hold him accountable? Have you forgotten your mission?

The end of the year school dance was great! My children really had a ball and it was great watching the staff dance with the students. The crowning of the king and queen was also great to see! Good job, staff keep up the amazing work with the students. Finish strong!

Job well done, Lyman Hall faculty. The spaghetti dinner, art show and musical was a total success. The artwork on display completed by the students was nothing short of amazing. To the art teacher Mrs. Sissuko, you did an awesome job. The musical was very good. Great job, Mr. Taylor, you could tell you have a passion for what you do and it shows through the students. Great job, administration. The environment was very welcoming as well.

Seriously, Liberty County Board of Education. You announce the top three candidates for interim, and one was fired by Twiggs County! Is this a repeat of Super Lee? If this is the best you can show the community of good candidates, then you need to seriously consider resigning your positions. Community, parents and staff need to speak up. We cannot stand by and continue to let this board make a mockery out of this community.

Is Lily Baker serious? She’s worried about $1,600 that the taxpayers can get back for Mr. Scott missing a conference. But we taxpayers are giving the superintendent $190,000? Maybe it’s time for a change of leadership as board chair as well.

The coward proposes a threat to democracy and is a pathological liar in words and deeds, who continues to demonstrate poor judgment, when he fired of the FBI director and in the handling of classified information who appears to be a grifter for Russia and some others. The coward has no true allegiance to democracy and will always promote his own brand before honesty, liberty and justice no matter what it costs the American people.

Most refined and advanced students read. Why then are some media specialists and teachers not pushing AR and other reading comprehension programs? It is very disappointing to students and parents when the student checks out a book but is not allowed five minutes to take the comprehension test. I question teachers who cannot or will not find time to help students in this critical area. These test are diagnostic and provide parents and students suggestions for growth. I wonder how many parents have received this report from their child’s teacher.

Please tell me that the 3 interim candidates for superintendent were vetted, and are capable to lead our schools and clean up this mess with board members. Selection should not be on race or gender but by qualifications, and they have one purpose — working for our students and faculty! One candidate was terminated from two districts and one of those districts is where Dr. Lee previously worked. I don’t think we need to walk that path again. Lets hope this illustrious board can put aside petty differences and select who is best for our system.

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