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Sound off for May 4

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Reading the Wednesday (April 22) edition of the Coastal Courier, I saw the headlines where the mayor is once traveling in Washington. Hidden away on page 9A, you’ll read the story of a concerned citizen, Mr. Stuart, trying to inquire about matters that are important to him. He’s also making a comment about all the vacations — oops, I mean trips — by our mayor and is thrown out. I think we need a mayor who cares as much for our city as does for the money-hungry people on Fort Stewart.

Could the health department please inspect the ladies rooms at local pharmacies? I’ve been to one in particular that it’s really disgusting. I talked to the manager and she tried to say it was because the building was old, but it wasn’t.

Liberty Elementary School fourth-grade teachers: Why isn’t my child able to go out for recess? Isn’t there a policy with the Board of Education that these children are supposed to go out so many hours a week for recess? You guys need to investigate that. Liberty Elementary fourth grade, you’re not letting kids go out for recess? What’s wrong with that?

A person may not fully understand racism until they move into predominantly black Liberty County. Then they will get to experience it firsthand.

So this is how our lead educator teaches our children about democracy and popular vote? See the article on the Coastal Courier on 4/22 by the board of education. Education at its best.

I was very upset when I found out the Black Panthers were the ones walking on our flag in Valdosta. I could not believe it; they said that the flag represents white supremacy. What about our wonderful black soldiers and military of all kinds who have died serving our country and that flag? How shameful this is.

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