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Sound off for May 5
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I went to the art show at Smiley Elementary last night, and I just wanted to say hat’s off to the art teacher. It was a wonderful show, and there was a great, big turnout of people. I think it was a huge success.

When we first came to Hinesville, there were clubs you could go out to at night and dance on the weekends and relax and listen to some good music. They’ve all been closed by the city council. All the nice places are now gone. And I now know why people head to Savannah — because they want a nice weekend of adult entertainment. I cannot believe when someone said, Democrats, when they’re in charge, the city goes down. And I think our city’s gone down. All we’ve got is a bunch of hotels built here, and that’s all we have now.

I hate to give my telephone number when asked when I give a check at one of the stores. Can I just tell them, “I do not have a telephone number available,” and will they still take my check? I’m sick and tired of repeating my phone number and someone behind me or a bad person might pick up on my number and call me. I just hate it.

How can a government business afford  to send a person to Dallas a couple times in a month to visit, but cannot afford to pay overtime to their employees that they say have to work three hours of overtime off the clock because they don’t have the money?

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