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Sound off for May 9

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If the Long County sheriff is so confident he’s already a winner in the May primary, then why does he have to intimidate voters. Several citizens have been bullied into moving signs for other candidates. And haven’t the Nobles Empire been in control long enough its only been 47 years to date.

There is a drug dealer selling heroin who lives in a neighborhood near the Bradwell football field. He is a former drug court participant. Guess he didn’t graduate. Law enforcement has known of his activities for years. Nothing is done to stop him. I know this because he sells to my grandchild.

Nobody likes the BOE, but no one has the time or willingness to run against them in the upcoming election. If nothing else, the people of Liberty County can show them that we do not approve of the job they are doing by voting NO to the ESPLOST. There is nothing that they will spend that money on that has a thing to do with improving student achievement. It is just more money for them to waste. VOTE NO!!

Congratulations! To retired principal Paula Scott and her staff for the awesome CCRPI score achieved in her final year at Liberty High! What a great 2014-15 school year! Applause!

The BOE is asking us to vote yes to continue ESPLOST but they still haven’t made good on their promise of new band instruments with the ESPLOST money they already have. Our kids have been playing these broken down instruments for years. More and more of them are beyond repair. We were told months ago that there was money earmarked in the ESPLOST budget to do right by these kids. If you would like us to vote yes then you need to show us that we can trust you to do what you say you will.

I heard it was illegal for current school administrators to actively campaign for the ESPLOST. If this is true, someone should tell the current superintendent and her staff that they are breaking the law. Let’s hope someone also tells the Georgia Dept. of Education.

Whoever is removing yard signs for re-Elect Melinda Anderson, chief Mmgistrate, needs to stop. I know of at least four signs which I personally put on property were yard signs are permissible that are missing... No doubt there are others. Please be reminded that stealing is both a sin and illegal. Stealing from a judge is also brazen. Kindly return them — you know who you are.

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