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Sound off for Nov. 11
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I went to Liberty Regional Medical Center today  as a disabled American veteran, 100 percent. I requested some assistance for pain. I was told I couldn’t be seen because it wasn’t that urgent. We live two hours away from any VA hospital. I was advised from my VA to go there to seek help because of the distance from Charleston and Augusta.

Long County has an ample amount of open and unused land. Why, then, are they refusing to provide a decent shelter for homeless and abused animals? Shame, shame, shame.

I want to praise the Midway crossing guards for their Halloween costumes on Oct. 31. It made me and my children get into the mood for trick-or-treating and also put a smile on our faces. Can’t wait to see how you’ll dress for Christmas. Thank you, guards.

It’s a shame that Long County is still under a spending freeze and employees can’t get supplies they need because the tax commissioner won’t send out the tax bills until her frivolous demands are met for her office. It’s just ridiculous.

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