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Sound off for Nov. 11

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Our principal stood in front of us at the beginning of the school year and blessed us out. Why? Because some of us feel she shows favoritism. She said that was unfair. But for the second time this year, she’s had a party at her house, including select staff members, but most of us were not included. It is just one more reason for the morale being so low.

We hate to see the deli over by Big Lots shut down. It’s a shame. It was always jam packed at lunch. I guess the owner didn’t listen to patrons about going up too much on prices.

I just want to thank Gum Branch Baptist Church for the wonderful fall festival they put on last Saturday. Our children enjoyed it immensely.

To the caller that’s complaining about Graylan Quarterman’s letter to the editor, please, before you start making accusations like this, understand what is being said. I think you misunderstood what was being said.

Len Calderone is right. I tried to explain to my father-in-law that all the money he put into Social Security was given back to him in his first four years of retirement. After that, it’s just welfare. People live a lot longer than they did back with Social Security was started.

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