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Sound off for Nov. 14
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Here are some of the issues that area residents are discussing. The statements were phoned in anonymously, so the Courier does not vouch for their veracity, nor do we know what motivated the callers:

To the caller who said the crossing guards need to learn how to direct traffic: I think the guards at Snelson-Golden do an outstanding job directing the traffic. It’s just that some of you guys leave later than you should be leaving going to work in the morning. Be more proactive and leave earlier.

How can parents say that they’re responsible parents when they’re on EBT or WIC, which means they’re not even feeding their own children? Somebody else is feeding their children, so how can they be responsible? It just makes no sense to me.

Why does being a civilian in Hinesville have to be hard? If you’re a soldier, then everything seems all right. They’re treated a little more fairly. So why does the civilian life in Hinesville have to be so hard?
To the person who cut the small dog’s neck in Oak Crest Mobile Home Park: I know who you are, so watch your back.

I think the mandatory meeting for the sex offenders on Halloween was a wonderful idea and I believe it should become an annual event. It’s time to keep our children safe.

My fellow neighbors, after calling the building inspector, in 27 days, the trailer park behind Walmart will be closed.

You know, holidays were a lot more fun when they weren’t so commercialized.

This is questionable: Why do the bus drivers use cell phones and drive the buses? That’s a no-no. And there are several bus drivers using cell phones with children en route.

I’d like to thank First Baptist Church of Hinesville for the wonderful job they did at the fall festival. My son really enjoyed it. Thank you.

Congratulations Beau and Team Thunder on an undefeated season and an awesome championship ring. You are great.

I agree with everything Jeff Whitten said in his article about Coach Walsh, besides that feeder system excuse. That was being pushed way before Walsh came to town. We live in a “what have you done for me lately” world when it comes to sports. And, unfortunately, you’re not going to get rid of the team, you’re going to get rid of the coach, even though the team is the one on the field.

I really like that our mayor is touting himself and the city of Hinesville as being business friendly. Any person who has tried to open a business in Hinesville in the past few years knows that Hinesville is not business friendly.

To the person who got served used chips at the restaurant: Shouldn’t you have called the health department and not Sound off?

Jeff Whitten’s article about Coach Walsh was well-written and I almost welled up as the violin played in the background. What Whitten said is true, but this is high school football and in the grand scheme of things, who really cares?

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