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Sound off for Nov. 14
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Take the dumb arrow down and put up a red light. It’s been OK for so long, now that the police read something that it’s illegal, we want to go hoopla after all this time.

I live in Northgate, my children go to school at Taylors Creek. They’re talking about rezoning to send our kids to Waldo Pafford, when our kids are comfortable and we are more than appreciative of the teachers that teach our kids. We want to remain where we are. Just because they close down Jordye Bacon, they need to do something else besides moving our kids.

We’re looking for people to run for city elected positions in 2015. We plan to clean up city hall from top to bottom. We need leadership with a backbone, unlike the jellyfish that we have now. If you’re interested, please call 1-800-4CHANGE.

Sound off seems able to get more done than contacting those in charge, keep up the good work. Another area that needs to get done next is crosswalks. The crosswalk across Highway 84 between Walmart and Farmers is another poorly planned route.

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