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Sound off for Nov. 23

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God bless the governor for not letting the refuges into Georgia.

The movie critic that just wrote about “Love the Coopers,” is completely off base. My sister and I went to the movie and we loved it. If all he likes is men-type movies, then you need to get somebody else to write about chick flicks. I’m afraid he’s going to get people to keep from seeing it that would really enjoy it.

Dear grocery stores that have bakeries, could you please cook up whole roasted turkeys, just the turkeys and sell during the holidays so we don’t have to cook up the turkeys, and sell if for just a little above what we’d have to pay for a turkey?

My neighbors and I are sick of two sons of Liberty County policemen who are terrorizing the community of Rye Patch in Long County. No one stops them, least of all their fathers. When they kill themselves, they’ll be considered innocent.

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