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Sound off for Nov. 23
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"Thank you to the Coastal Courier for not giving up on finding the true story of the sudden departure of the city manager. Many can see now why they didn’t want that recording to get out and why they kept denying the requests. They don’t like their illegal and unethical actions brought to light."

"With how bad the discipline sucks from the administration in every school, all the teachers should walk out and protest. See how they handle things then. Just because you want your school to look good like no discipline problems exist, you have, will, and continue to lose good educators."

"I keep hearing what Christians we have on council, but hearing the closed session tapes show true colors."

"Council woman Nelson, worry about your own spouse and not the affairs of others. "

"Council Member Reid, after listening to the tapes, no one respects you. You are unethical. You should be removed! Becky and Officer Slater should sue you and Nelson for slander."

"So CM Reid said that people should be dealt with that reflect negatively on the city. OK, lets start with her."

"After listening to the tapes of the executive session I am so disgusted. An employee should be able to file a complaint against a council member if they feel violated. They are not above the law."

"I am ashamed that the LCSS is not giving students off for the observance of Veterans Day. Everyone should be honoring our veterans, but in a military town, it is a disgrace that children won’t be sending the observance day with their families."

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