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Sound off for Nov. 27
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I can’t believe another business in Hinesville is closing. Now, our only party store, Celebration, is closing down. We pray someone buys it where we don’t have to go to Savannah. It is important that we shop local to help our businesses to stay open.

Common Core educational standards have been around for three years. Why wasn’t the school board preparing? It appears to me they’ve created their own stress.

It’s about Common Core. In 2010, Kentucky put that in their system, and one year later, across the board, one-third of the students scored lower in reading and math. We need to do a further investigation on this and bring the truth out about it. Common Core’s been around a long time.

I am so happy to have Steve Sikes as my sheriff. Keep up the great work, Steve.

I was replying to an article I’ve seen. It’s hard to believe there’s a spending freeze in Long County. They can’t afford to buy supplies for their employees. It could be there’s no money left. The commissioners have redone their offices, complete with all-new furniture, and hired a personal secretary for the chairman. It’s taken months to re-do a building that was flooded with a broken sewage line, mold, asbestos, ceiling tiles falling out … I’m just saying, none of this adds up if all of this is true.

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