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Sound off for Nov. 28

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Here’s what I think about the election: Trump won. I don’t know how and I don’t like it, but that doesn’t change that he won. People out there protesting are, in effect, protesting the way we elect officials.

As I stood and watched the parade at the Ricefest Saturday, I heard a young boy yell to the board of education officials passing by, "Thank you for the iPad you gave us." It was good to hear that child being appreciative. These are the little things that go on unknown.

It looks like hypocrisy is alive and well at the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office. Meanwhile, a big thank you to our federal rangers. If something looks fishy, it usually is.

Most of the people voting for Trump were tricked by phony information they saw on Facebook. Always better to use your own eyes, ears, and brain!

I voted for Trump and am proud of it. He’s going to change things in Washington just like he said.

To the Sunday Sound Off caller regarding drivers in "this state;" 95 runs north and south, and 16 west out of this state. As the late Lewis Grizzard once said, Delta is ready when you are!

Congratulations middle working class and uneducated Americans! You receive a free degree from Trump University! We will all be educated in the next four years.

If it doesn’t rain around here soon we’re going to be as dry as north Georgia and we could be in for wildfires just like they are having.

Alright already, would Steve Sikes please get his signs off the roadways around Liberty county. I am sick of seeing them it seems they have been up almost a year and the elections are over, and they are still up. There should be a deadline to have them removed! Or pay a fine!

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