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Sound off for Nov. 3

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I think it is stupid to have voting on Sunday. If you cannot get to the polls five days a week or six days a week, then you don’t need to vote at all. It’s a criminal thing that they have to open up Sunday. Sunday voting is ridiculous. I guess the Democrats can’t get enough out during the week, they have to use Sunday.

Would you ever bring back the TV guide section again? I’d gladly pay the extra 50 cents a month.

I would like to know why the school buses that takes the kids home do not have air conditioning, and it’s been very hot summers? But the sports school buses that take kids out to games has air. Why is this when we can give raises?

If you don’t like the smell of the animals when you visit somebody, don’t go see them. Their animals are their family.

At the last supper, make sure that everyone is served and fed, because the thief comes to rob, kill and destroy.

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