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Sound off for Nov. 30

These opinions are not the Courier’s. Callers are not required to identify themselves, so we can verify neither sources nor motives. Call 876-3733. You may also anonymously submit a comment online at

The majority of the American people voted for Hillary Clinton by 500,000 votes. Trump’s people and Trump himself should not take this as a mandate for him to rule.

Believe me, all you Trump voters. The more things change, the more they stay the same. You’re never going to have a wall. You were conned by a con man. You will reap what you sow.

Not my president. Not now, not today, not tomorrow.

I called several times to get burn permits and I noticed several times in my neighborhood people burning when they do not issue permits. Does anyone check this out? I can’t get a permit because conditions are wrong for it, yet my neighbors are still burning. Someone needs to check out to see who is actually legal.

Whoever wrote the main page on graduations dips, why don’t you call it like it is? Instead of saying still higher than 2012, that head dips four year straight. Be straightforward. Don’t talk about the past. We’ve failed four years straight. Gee, I wonder who the superintendent was?

In response to the anonymous Sound off criticizing the Darsey brothers, say what you will about their politics; however they always sign their names and take the good with the bad by identifying themselves, unlike anonymous blog writers and Sound off cowards.

Congratulations to Long County Sheriff Craig Nobles.

Liberty and Chatham counties, and a plurality of the other counties in Georgia went Democratic. The voting majority in the whole nation went Democratic by 500,000 popular votes. The Trump revolution will dissolve when there is no wall, no mass deportation of Hispanics and Muslims will not be barred from entry into America. The Donald cannot trump the Constitution. Trump will last one term and, in fact, may be impeached.

I appreciate the Courier printing all these obituaries. Nobody seems to call me when one of my old friends passes on. I read twice a week to see if all my old friends are still on this earth.

It has been one week since the election results and I still can’t keep dancing. Together we have severed the evil head of the liberal Democratic serpent. Hopefully now the Clinton crime family will crawl under a rock or flee to Saudi Arabia. Long live the Republican Party.

Nobody has to worry about how to stop Trump. He, Trump, is going to stop himself. He has one term written all over him. Republicans themselves will find a way to impeach him.

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