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Sound off for Nov. 6
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My son came home with a glowing plastic sheriff’s badge pinned on him by Sheriff Steve Sikes. He goes to the training center and clients were surprised when the sheriff dropped by to tell them of his pride in their good citizenship and of the many good works they did. He selected one person out of the large group to be the law-enforcement sheriff. He empowered him with a serious responsibility of junior sheriff of Liberty County. Then he went, “With this badge, your charge is serious. I know you will do a good job, and all you will help him.” Then he was so surprised and so happy and all the clients cheered him and were so glad to see the sheriff. If only other important people in Liberty County and Hinesville would come out and visit them, it would be so sweet.

I’m wondering if anyone can tell me why at night between 8-9:30 helicopters are flying over Airport Road.

We all remember the bailout for banks and mortgage lenders. Did they help you or me? No. They sat on this money and drew interest. This ensured many more bankruptcies and foreclosures. Certainly, it is greed.

How can the government force people who have no money and already have free health care at their local county health department to buy insurance they do not need?

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