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Sound off for Nov. 7

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The Liberty County School System and Al Williams are opposed to this OSD, along with all the other schools in the state. Well that’s all I need to know. I’m voting for it.

Trump will never be loyal to the nation and its heritage. He has no values and does not accept responsibility for his actions. Trump shows little or no respect for others, both personally and professional. He will never put the welfare of the nation before himself. Trump lacks personal courage and does not handle adversity well at all. Into the unknown is where Trump will place the nation. He does not have the skills to be loyal to the nation and its heritage.

Please join us on Oct. 17-Nov. 8, and write-in vote Bernie Quarterman for Liberty County sheriff. He is a man of integrity, honor, ethics and fairness. He serves and protects all citizens of Liberty County with respect and fairness. A change is needed in Liberty County and he is the right man for the job.

Twice recently I’ve needed a sheriff’s deputy. Each time they were nice, helpful, respectful and professional. Thank you.

All the liberals giving Trump grief about his taxes need to stop the hypocrisy. Michael Moore, Hillary and the like, if you file anything other than 1040-EZ, then shut up!

A response to the letter of the editor on Nov 2. Maybe it is time for a single-payer system for all the people in our country. We do have a number of single-systems now; Medicaid, TRICARE, VA and Medicare. By the way Medicare is the only program that the users pays into. Maybe it’s time to combine these programs in Obamacare and make a single-payment system for all the people.

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