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Sound off for Nov. 8

Call 876-3733. These opinions are not the Courier’s. Callers are not required to identify themselves, so we can verify neither sources nor motives. You may also anonymously submit a comment online at

“Homeowners, Democrats, Republicans, independents alike are in for a letdown if the proposed tax bill passes. Were you aware that the middle class and struggling homeowners will bear the brunt of this bill since it will take away credits for local and state taxes, as well as interest credit. Along with these the deductions will be fewer. Maybe it’s time to send letters to Buddy and Isakson.”

“Candidate for Midway mayor Lavern Clancy Jr. stated, if elected, he would upgrade franchise fees to generate more revenue. Mayor Washington increased Coastal Electric’s fees, who immediately raised our rates. I am tired of Midway officials bleeding us dry, so they can pay for their Taj Mahal.”

“The Democrat grass roots are growing in Liberty, Bryan, Long and Wayne counties. If you want to join the resistance, you should check out one of their meetings.”

“The other night, my grandson came home and announced at the dinner table he wanted to be like Donald Trump. When asked why, his answer was he does not get into trouble when he lies.”

“So, Liberty County’s graduation rate is down. In fact, Liberty is lower than all surrounding counties, including Chatham! I never thought we would see that happen. Since Bradwell’s rate went up, we know the problem comes from LCHS. When will the BOE members admit they have a real problem at that school?”

“Why is the gas price at Walmart on 84 east $2.29 and the Walmart on 84 $2.30. Hmm, thought both stores were the same in everything. “

“So the city manager was suspended to show that ‘he don’t run things?’ How unethical.”

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