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Sound off for Oct. 12
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The councilman with the newly paved street in front of his house is the councilman for District 5, Kenneth Shaw.

Don’t talk about my church, Gum Branch. God didn’t say he would save you in a suit; he didn’t say he would save you in a house dress. He said you need to be saved by the Lord Jesus Christ, and if you can’t talk about something else beside what the preacher’s wearing in the pulpit, you need to stay home and sweep your own back doors.

I am 74 years old, been watching these elections since I was 10. Every president we have had in this time has spent a lot of time during his last year of his four-year term campaigning, whether it be for himself or his hopeful successor. As far as the economy is concerned, he can’t sign bills that Congress doesn’t pass, so give them part of the blame.

Why aren’t there more sports for young girls here in Liberty County? Parents have to take their children to Richmond Hill for their girls to play sports.

I do know firsthand, being a teacher is a rough job, but to not have self control and the way that this teacher acted at Liberty Elementary is just no control at all. She needs to be fired. Also, what happened to the profession? Dress like one, look like one, hold that head up.

Yes, there’s lots of heavy-weight kids in the schools, but has anyone ever thought about the little kids in — the teachers know them — that go home at night and there’s no food in the house? The only meals they get each day are the breakfast and lunch at school. For some of them, there’s no food at home or they live on the street. Please think of these kids when you cut the calories.

The teacher at Liberty Elementary School that tipped over the desk of a student and let the goods that were on the desk spill on the floor should be released from the school system, and I mean immediately. If I was a parent, this teacher would have to go — even if she has 25 years in the school system. If she can’t control herself, she is not acceptable for our children. Get rid of her.

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