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Sound off for Oct. 12

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I live in the Gum Branch area, and I’ve lived here over 30 years. And I called about my road being grated and they gave the runaround, saying that (inaudible) out here didn’t want the dust stirred up. A road needs grated, it needs grated. It doesn’t matter if dust is stirred up. I think they just don’t want to do their job.
Don’t you love it when businesses are being run by men that let women that work for them tell them what to do? They’re going to end up losing their jobs because they don’t know how to carry out orders because one of their little peon workers, a woman, has a little vendetta against someone else, so they’re not doing their job. So go ahead on and listen to her and get fired.
I would like everyone’s opinion out there — and please be honest, don’t sit there and don’t answer and don’t base your opinion, I want you to be honest — all mothers out there, if you had six children, would you treat one better than the other? Or would you love one more than the rest of your children? Answer honestly. Call Sound off and answer honestly, because I know a certain mother that does that, and I do not think it’s right. And I just want to know if anyone else feels that way, that it is not right to treat one child better than the other. Please call Sound off and let me know your answer.
Our biggest problem is the people who run this city, they think we need three Wal-Marts. What a shame. Get three of the same store, and there’s no competition. The reason I don’t go to Wal-Mart is because customer service; I don’t like being treated the way I am. Now all we have is a Kroger and … another grocery store — just two stores. You go to Richmond Hill, they’ve got about four or five stores, no Wal-Mart. Why do we have to have so many Wal-Marts? Maybe we should change our city to call Wal-Mart City. I bet we’re the only city in the United States with so many Wal-Marts. We don’t need that many Wal-Marts, especially when they don’t buy American.
Hey, City Hall, probation department or public works, when are you going to clean up the litter on Live Oak Church Road, on the grasses? It’s kinda dirty to always see.

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