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Sound off for Oct. 14

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I live on Highway 84 in Hinesville. The city of Hinesville needs to make the landowners of the trailer parks fix them up or tear them down. It’s an eyesore in Hinesville on 84.
Could someone tell me why the water bill can triple because of meters, and the homeowner still has to pay for the plumber to come out and tell them nothing’s wrong and the meter is defective, but the bill still triples?

To the person who called in about pedestrians have the right of way, that is only when in a crosswalk. If you step into a crosswalk in front of traffic, you will be run over and you are in the wrong. Or if you do not use a crosswalk, you do not have the right of way. Get your facts straight.
I can think of better stories to put on the front page of your newspaper than two gays getting married in downtown Hinesville. Give us a break, Coastal Courier.
A special shout-out to Mayor Daisy Pray, Pro Tem Patricia Green and Councilwoman Sarah Hayes for looking out for the citizens of Walthourville, Georgia. Please consider these people on Nov. 3 because they are really concerned about the city of Walthourville.
Everybody on the news and all over America, all over Georgia, want to reduce crime. They want reduce crime, and nobody is talking about raising the minimum wage, or just wages, where people can live and sustain their family and live a decent life. As long as it’s like it is and not paying police to do their job, we will never, ever reduce or stop crime. Nobody is talking about paying people in ways that they can live off of.

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