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Sound off for Oct. 17

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I just wanted to say thank you to the guy who clean up the road we live on. Everyone drives through there. It was a mess with all the tree branches and dirt from the Hurricane. Thank you, Bobbie street man in Walthourville, first house on left.

Well, let me tell you I was impressed at the utility company efforts to get power, water and other things hooked up after the storm. They did a great job.

Can someone tell me why does the Liberty County Sheriff Department constantly make efforts and attempts to derail and pick at the Walthourville Police Department. Is it because he is a black chief and making every attempt to do what is right for the citizens?

There was a sense of community among the people in my neighborhood during and after Hurricane Matthew that I really liked. Why isn’t it like that all the time?

We dodged a bullet. That storm would’ve torn Liberty a new one if it had veered just a little bit west. And there were hundreds, maybe thousands, of people who sat in their homes like nothing different was going on.

Who are these people telling me when I can return to my home near the coast? I own it and helped pay for the road that leads to it. Evacuation or not, I should have access to it.

Thank you Councilman Chris Stacy for your dedication to the city of Riceboro. You kept everyone properly informed about progress being made after Hurricane Matthew. The mayor could learn a thing or two from you about public service. When serving in that capacity you must be concerned about others and we thank you for all of your efforts.

We have lived in Hinesville for 18 years, we love this city and we love working here. We pay our taxes, we are educators… We own our home, a home that floods consistently when it rains in heavy volume. The city manager is aware of this and has promised that the retention ponds will correct the situations. This is not true. We ask for support, we received 30 sand bags… we were then asked to return them We did. Now, we are waiting for Hurricane Mathew and asked for more. They told us to buy them, OK we will probably buy them to save our home. When is the city going to fix the flooding on Wood Dale Drive?

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