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Sound off for Oct. 19

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America was not founded as a Christian nation; take a look at the Constitution. Begun by George Washington, signed by John Adams and ratified unanimously by a Senate still half-filled with signers of the Constitution, announced firmly and flatly to the world that “the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion.”
I witnessed either the most simple-minded jury or the most inept prosecution ever witnessed, a jury that had every piece of evidence needed to prosecute failed to prosecute and a prosecutor who failed to articulate his own job in prosecuting evidence I witnessed today. Just a sad case for Liberty County and the prosecutor’s office — or should I say, a sad day.
The Riceboro Post Office is very unkempt and smells. Get rid of all those papers for advertising that is meant to be put in the patron’s mailbox. They are all over the counter and on the floors. Put some deodorant in there to kill the mildew odor.
In the Bible, we’re told not to be ignorant, which is to be unlearned. Why don’t people read the Koran and know what (inaudible) says there? If we do not be friendly with them and (inaudible), then you know what happens. Read the Koran and know, we need to be learned on what to expect. We are the infidels if we don’t go into their faith.
I have been asked if there could be a food giveaway at Dorchester in Midway for the poor people because they have no way, some of them, to go to Hinesville to the place to get food. Please let us know if Midway can get some food into their people.

The new Kroger will be dandy. The location, not so dandy. How about on 84 between Flemington and Midway?

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