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Sound off for Oct. 19
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Here  are some of the issues that area residents are discussing. The statements were phoned in anonymously, so the Courier does not vouch for their veracity, nor do we know what motivated the callers:

In response to needing more police in Ludowici: negative. What we need is the ones we’ve got to get out and protect people and patrol the town and not just sit at the light and write tickets.

Thank you to the man on Tuesday afternoon who mowed the grass on Eunice and Main Street. Thanks.

Here they go again, another youngin’ mess. Football season almost lost, now basketball season’s facing cancellation. Plus players going overseas for work.  The youngins are greedy. Don’t vote for them.

Stalking is illegal. Victims need to understand once you say no, you don’t have to repeat yourself. You don’t have to say anything. There is no reasoning taking place.

First offenders get six years probation and 80 hours community service: drugs. Fire: Five years probation and 96 hours community service. The punishment that doesn’t fit the crime. It seems to me, minor crimes do more time than major crimes.

It shocks me to see an ex-firefighter was only given five years of punishment after receiving two counts of arson. This punishment of the crime just doesn’t equal up to the severity.

Man can have two counts of arson, go to court, a judge gives him five years probation. All those trees, business and homes will never come back after five years. You give people five years for just marijuana cigarettes.

I know where you can get a 16 oz. ribeye dinner or a barbecue rib dinner every Wednesday night, at the VFW on 196 West. Steaks are cooked to order, and a non-smoking room is available.

Beware, people messing around on Isle of Wight. You might get killed if you mess around on people’s property late in the night.  Because we are not going to put up with people who come around, messing and stealing and causing trouble.

Another warning to the people coming on Isle of Wight who killed a dog, we think. You might find yourself dead if you keep on, and I mean dead. We’re not taking messing around on our property.

Yes, I’d like to complain about the constant noise in Raintree apartments. Cars coming in and out of that complex day and night with music up and bass blaring all day long should be monitored by the police.

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