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Sound off for Oct. 2
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"I don’t know about anyone else but, I can verify that councilwoman Reid is the best thing that has happened to Hinesville. She is always available when she is needed. She is a true Christian. I don’t believe the rumors.

"I am a 77-year-old female, completely on my own. I can take care of myself, but financially I have big problems. I have tried to get a consolidation loan and am told I have too many credit cards and other things owned, excuse me but that is why want a consolidation loan to consolidate all of those bills. Is there any company that sees I’m right and will extend this loan?"

"Lord, please send someone to run against these rude, arrogant egotistical maniacs that we call council members. They are an embarrassment to Hinesville."

"I have a neighbor who parks her vehicle on the street and when asked politely to move it, she is rude and refuses to help out. By the way, this neighbor is my councilperson, but will never have my vote again."

"The Hinesville Three continue to belittle city employees and show a level of arrogance previously not seen of any council. A good dose of humility would do these three council members some good!"

"It’s been more than eleven days since the city said they would start picking up yard debris."

"Well our elected officials are at it again. We’re now being threatened about fire protection. You remember if we don’t vote for SPLOST, our tax would go up and we may need to raise taxes to pay for fire protection. Well, true to their word, we did but they didn’t. Instead they want to tax us more. Someone stop the madness."

"Hats off to Long County Sheriff’s Department for trying to clean up Griffin Road in Walthourville. The residents appreciate it very much."

"Come on, Liberty County. The "convenience centers" are only convenient if one has a truck and/or a chainsaw or the money to pay a tree service. Can’t you manage even one sweep of the county for large debris?"

"During the hurricane all law enforcement, dispatcher, paramedics, jailers etc. had to stay away from the families and work continuously to ensure the health and safety of others. Yet the sheriff’s department will not pay the deputies their well-deserved overtime. All other departments are getting paid why not stop lining your pockets and pay your guys."

"Please hire a super who is progressive, literate, knows the difference between a Mac and PC, answers their own emails, and is less of a micromanager. We have a chance to take our district to the next level and the current used car salesman is not the person for the job."

"Another loss because the coaches do not know how to coach. There are way too many errors and they leave other players on the bench. It is a shame that they only count errors against certain girls while her favorite doesn’t get any."

"I would like to thank the two young men in the sanitation department for clearing the branches hanging over the sidewalk in Arlington Park Subdivision. Thanks to you, I can now walk on the sidewalk. You did an amazing job."

"The column you have from the family psychologist has got really good advice that people really need to listen to. Thank you."

"What happened to the lawsuit against the board of education by the former CFO? Did they settle that as well and just give away a whole bunch more taxpayer money? Thank you, Dr. Lee."

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