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Sound off for Oct. 24

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I was shocked to hear about the Liberty County Deputy, shocking catfish in the Altamaha. It was a good catch for the ranger too.

State Representative Al Williams is doing an outstanding job. Hats off to you!

It’s not about how many physicians you employ. It’s about the office operating in a professional manner. Organization is a prime factor. You don’t have to be present in a physician’s office for a long time to be able to observe that it needs structure. Whoever is over the office, must need to be trained themselves. I suggest visiting a physician’s office that’s operated professionally and take some notes. It may just help.

We would like to thank Chris Stacy for keeping us informed so proficiently during after the hurricane. He even helped clean up some of the mess due to the hurricane. He definitely was a great example of a good elected official. He didn’t just talk, he acted when he was needed. Thanks, Chris for and outstanding job and showing the community that is all about caring.

OK so to the taxi guy going around telling people that Hinesville is his turf and that Uber has no business on your grounds. Well, guess what, there is five of us that work in Hinesville and, to be honest, I’ve had plenty of people that I pick up say they’d rather ride in Uber because the driver is always well dressed, polite and the cars are always, always clean and smell great. And, besides all the things customers say, you don’t own Hinesville. It is a free country and city. You have no say over who or what anybody does here so just get over it.

This is for the person who spoke about the Walthourville Police. Just so you know, it has nothing to do with him being black, like wow. Why does everything have to do with race? No, it’s bout being friendly, helping people and being backup not flirting with the woman cop.

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