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Sound off for Oct. 28
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In reference to Sunday’s editorial about Midway being anti-business, I find it hard to believe because their city hall is in the same building as a laundromat and a hair salon.

Coastal Courier, it would have been nice if you would have put the voter ballots in the paper before the early voting. Now people don’t know exactly all the items that’s on the early voting list.

Nice try, but the buses go in and out of School House Road, not Pinafore Road where the councilman lives. So the resurfacing is still unwarranted.

I’m the guy you told to go take a hike, and I don’t approve of any of those story-telling political ads.

One would think that the Liberty County Democratic Party chairman would tell his son, the Democratic commission candidate, that Jack Kingston is a Republican.

So what do the defenders of losing football at Bradwell think now? Should we or should we not?

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