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Sound off for Oct. 31

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Have you been invited to our church, Midway First Baptist Church, on Highway 84 across from the police station? We have services Sunday and Wednesday. We’re a church that loves one another.

When is the mayor going to clean up the town after Hurricane Matthew? It’s been two weeks. We’ve got trash rotting in our yard, though we’ve taken it to the curb.

Donald Trump is worth over a B billion dollars. He sent me a letter asking me to make a $35 donation. I’ve never made more than $25,000 in my life. What part of this does not compute?

Well, Long County, I haven’t forgotten you. I also appreciate the Sound off line because it is the voice of the people.

I think 87 cents for a pack of Ramen Noodles is a little extreme.

When are the city and county leaders going to do about all the limbs and trash pile by the road that we homeowners put there for pick up? It’s been two weeks now. All the mess is still by the road.

Long County desperately needs a fast food restaurant. It’s growing. If McDonald’s won’t come then get another one. Anything is better than what they have now.

Why write-in for another sheriff when we have one of the best there is? He’s a Christian man. He’s a family man. He’s a good man. What’s wrong with this system? What’s wrong with people?

No Republican emails hacked? Could be they don’t do business on computers in the basement of their vacation homes.

Don’t worry Len, you’re safe. Myself and other concealed-carriers pay zero attention to the sign on the door.

I’m 80 years old and like to trade at the Kroger in Hinesville or Richmond Hill. But if I have to use digital coupons to get the specials, I’ll just have to forget about going to that store.

What’s with all these mosquitoes? Did they get blown up here from Florida, where they got that zika virus?

Yes, ya’ll getting all those Smartboards in school. And ya’ll gave us a 3 percent raise, which is OK. But us custodians and parapros need more money than that. We work hard and can’t make ends meet.

More deadly wrecks at Deal Street, Arlington Park and Old School House Road mainly because no there is no center turn lane. Please, city leaders, put in turn lanes along this stretch of road.

Liberty County needs to get the spray trucks out real bad after the storm. The mosquitoes are taking us over on Isle of Wight.

Here’s the deal. I’d vote for Trump if he didn’t act so immature. I mean I like some of his policies and am afraid Clinton will just continue the same old things in Washington. But someone who apparently sits up late, tweeting out insults just doesn’t appears to have what it takes to be president.

Is it a rule that they put voters 65 and older and the handicapped get to go first when there is a line at polling places, or is it just a sign of respect? It’s not being carried out there in Midway and other places I’ve heard about. I’d like to see it carried out.

I wasn’t surprised to hear about the deputy shocking fish. I know him well. What surprised me was the fine that they give him.

Please join us, the citizens of Liberty County, on Oct. 17-Nov. 8, and write-in vote Bernie Quarterman for Liberty County sheriff. Change is needed in our county. He is a man of integrity, honor, ethics and fairness. He serves and protects every day and cares about all citizens in the community.

I’am voting no for SPLOST, because our county officials spent 1 million dollars for a marina in 2008 in a bad economy, and have not done anything or have any plans for it. That was paid for with your hard earn money, just think what they would do with money from people that don’t live in the county. There is a good ole boy system we need to break up. I guess I’ll be a idiot to for voting it down. Believe this people don’t care how you feel until you stop the money, so stop the money.

When are they going to build some new stuff in the Midway area. Hinesville’s getting all those new stores and we’re getting squat.

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