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Sound off for Oct. 9
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If this is Sound off, they talk about raising Georgia Power rates as of about the first of January. But like me, if you’re on the flat bill rate, your rate will not go up until the anniversary of your flat bill. I called Georgia Power and that’s what they told me yesterday.

The shutdown of the gates was ridiculous, with the amount of military policemen on post, not to mention all the soldiers wandering around. I think it’s terrible to say that it was affected because of the shutdown.

I was really upset when the garbage scout was in our neighborhood long before pick-up, generally before 7 a.m. But for the last three weeks, when the street cleaner comes through our neighborhood at like 4:30 in the morning, I just think this is uncalled for. I love having our streets clean, but I think they can find a better time to do it.

God is really blessing Gumbranch Baptist Church. One Sunday recently, 11 people came forward for membership, and yesterday there was an additional five, and some Sundays have had one additional. If anyone wants to hear true preaching of God’s word, come out to Gumbranch Baptist Church. The worst thing that can happen to you is the people will treat you like family and love you to death.

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