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Sound off for Sept. 17
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"Someone please tell me what Buddy Carter has to say about the rescinding of DACA. He is very quiet on the issue. Could the same someone please tell me what POTUS has against former president Obama that the only things he is targeting are his accomplishments"

"Marcus Scott, please run for Liberty County Board of Education chairman. We need a change."

"For the reason so many people in Liberty County are out of work is because they got fired from their jobs for not doing their work. For if they caused their employers to lose customers the business could go under, especially if there are other businesses that do the same work."

"We need more business in Midway. What in the world is wrong with our sitting mayor and council? And one of the councilmen is running for mayor?"

"Once again, the county commissioners failed to agree to provide emergency services to all of Liberty County at their meeting on Aug. 31. Kudos to Commissioner Thrift who called it like it is stating, "We are going back to square one." Commissioners, tell that to citizens that dial 911 and wait for help."

"If you are an aspiring administrator welcome to Liberty County! There is no need to complete your credentials and no need to have leadership experience. Just ask our leaders about their school improvement experience/credentials. They don’t have any experience."

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