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Sound Off for Sept. 2

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Our new school policy in Liberty County of making everything positive in our schools is not realistic. Students who break rules are dealt with positively. You can kick or hit a teacher, and you just to get to talk about it. You can flip a teacher off, we’re going to be positive. You can fail a grade, must be positive … Let’s get real. Our current Liberty County policies are going to be the ruin of our schools.

I would like to say to Dr. Lee, we need to get the basic courses for the teachers, parapros and all, not worry about all of this other outside stuff that she’s bringing from where she came from. I would like to say to Dr. Lee that she doesn’t impress me at all as a very good superintendent. Be basic. I would like to say to the board of education, wake up and don’t let Dr. Lee control the board of education.

A big thank-you goes to the mayors of Walthourville and Allenhurst and their genius for putting in the sewer system and raising our water bills at least three times what they were on the septic. Another way to just put it to the working people in this town. Wish my salary went up by that much each month. Thank you so much again for all you do.

If you’re planning on doing this title pawn, please be careful. I paid $2,500 for a $500 loan.

Can anybody give me an answer to this question: Why does the Liberty County Board of Education wouldn’t get an employee a raise to someone who’s been working here for a mighty long time and hasn’t seen a raise in some years?

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