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Sound off for Sept. 20
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My mother always said that you reap what you sow, and I believe in karma. So I cannot wait until karma bites a certain person in the rear end, and I hope I’m there to watch. You know who you are.

So Georgia kids are losing weight because of the food. That is a joke. Many children are not even eating their lunch. They’re sitting in school all day long starving because the food is so bad. Some of the counties in California are going back to making their own because kids are sitting in school starving, not paying attention because they’re not getting nutrition. Nutrition is important for kids growing up. They do need the calories. Just ask any doctor. They don’t need some of the stuff that you’re serving in the schools. And some of the school food is so bad, the kids can’t even eat it because it tastes nasty. Go back to the way it was and make good food for the kids so they can study and learn. That’s what your job is.

I don’t know where the Trade Hill community is, but it must be near Fantasy Island if anyone believes that the problems facing our nation are not here in Liberty County.

I was born here in Liberty County. I have lived here for many, many years. I was reading in the paper a letter to the editor. I would like to commend Mr. Bruce A. McCartney of the Trade Hill community for writing this in here to let Mr. Gary Gilliard, county commissioner, know that he does not have what he says. Mr. Gary Gilliard tries to keep racial problems going. He is one of the many problems of Hinesville and Liberty County. To Mr. Bruce, thank you for explaining that. I commend you thoroughly for what you said.

The homeless coalition meets once a month because homelessness is a problem here in Liberty County, and that problem is not solved.

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