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Sound off for Sept. 27
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Here are some of the items area residents are discussing. The statements were phoned in anonymously so the Courier does not know if they are true, nor what motivated the callers:


Well, Mr. Edwards, I see you and the mayor and city council are creating czars, someone to talk to the people and get the word out to do your job at $40,000 a year out of the taxpayers’ pockets.

The city is becoming a garbage dump of junk cars in yards, weeds, abandoned property, just, it’s deteriorating, but wait until the tax bills come out this year. Hinesville will need this, that and the other.

I can understand why police take the cars home. But I don’t understand why I can see a white pickup truck with Hinesville emblems on it in another city by a creek bank with the occupants fishing in the middle of the day.

I was a Democrat but I’m going Republican from here on out for Obama doing those crooked things, cutting Medicare, Medicaid and other programs.

I just got back from the Golden Isle Parkway in Brunswick. The gasoline there is $2.28. Here it is $2.41, $2.42 and up. What’s wrong with that picture? Wonder if the fathers of Hinesville are turning over in their graves?

Maybe that we don’t have gay and lesbian bars in this area should tell you something.
I’m a 9-1-1 operator and want parents to look around for cell phones without minutes, or that you can only dial out on, and take them from their children. Every time a child dials 9-1-1, the call could be taking someone else’s life.

President Obama’s speech to school children was the most amazing speech he’s made. It wasn’t political. It was sincere and I believe it came from his heart.

God and I know who broke into the 72-year-old woman’s car and stole her radio and eyeglasses. You will pay for it. Thank you.

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