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Sound off for Sept. 28
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We the people of the Fleming Community would like to thank choochoo for the cleanup. It looks much better, thank you.

Selfishness is a city councilman having the street in front of his house paved while the other streets in the district look like a warzone.

This Hinesville city administration would be rated weaker than the last, except they are the last.

If we still had city leaders like Flo Zechman and Alonzo Walden, I bet we would get a pay raise this year. Instead, we are stuck with a group that gave themselves a raise.

I would just like to thank the lady that helped a soldier in Walmart the other night. There are still nice people in the world. Thank you again.

We now have a new business in Long County. It is Long County Tax Commissioner’s office or Long County Tax Commissioner’s office/daycare center. Careful, this is taxpayer’s office and equipment — use our money wisely.

Why would the principal believe that there was no bullying? Or if there was bullying, why would he believe one thing and not the other? He doesn’t know the answers, and no kid is going to confide in him that there was bullying.

This is to all the Romney supporters: You might not want President Obama to be your president, but at least he claims you and not just 47 percent of the American population. President Obama is president to all, not the 1 percent.

All you Romney supporters need to wake up and smell the coffee. I just saw him on TV giving plans on how to attack America to the Iranians, and you call President Obama soft? Wear your hard hat, because somebody has brain damage.

Help, help! I’m taking prescriptions and I don’t know what they’re for.

No one ever mentions the fact that President Obama inherited Bush’s mess, but he’s always criticized for what he hasn’t done. The time we spend bashing our president should be spent reading the word of God; maybe then we’d realize that no matter how bad the situation, God is in control.

I believe it’s high time for Chairperson Lovette and for Sheriff Sikes to take their campaign signs down. Even though they have their “Thank You” signs on them, the thank-yous are totally overdue. I think it’s time for Liberty County not to have those eyesores anymore.

Regarding the PX refusing to sell a book or not selling a book: It’s censorship, yes. We have millions of soldiers that are dying to protect our First Amendment rights, and we have a PX that makes millions on these soldiers. So why should they refuse to sell any type of reading? This is what our soldiers are dying for — the First Amendment. And any American should fight for this right.

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