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Sound off for Sept. 28

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I see that the Chamber of Commerce is pushing real hard to get SPLOST passed. Are they standing in line with their hands out to get some of the money? If so, that’s completely wrong.

Come on let’s get serious, if you hadn’t committed some offence to get your butt thrown in jail, you wouldn’t be paying 85 cents for a pack of Ramen Noodles.

Liberty hospital in Hinesville, in emergency care for broken bones, four hours, wouldn’t you think they could give you something to drink and maybe a cookie?

I mailed my aunt a birthday card and $20. Unfortunately, I think I sent it to her old address on White Bluff. To the one who received and kept it, you are a foolish thief to sell your soul to the devil so cheaply.

To the individuals saying to vote no to SPLOST. Is it because you are comfortable with paying no taxes or a small amount with your exemptions, that you can loudly say vote no and put the burden on other Liberty Homeowners? Shame on you! I hope the rational individuals vote for a fair tax to enhance our county’s progressive growth. People, don’t follow other idiots blindly because they object to who’s in office.

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