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Sound Off for Sept. 3

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“I am a middle aged African American male. I have never seen this country so polarized. Easy answer: Let the monuments stay. Why can’t we erect historical and factual monuments and state markers about slave life and events? This county, as well as surrounding counties, has so much more to offer in knowledge of black history than any statue.”

“So, Lyman Hall Elementary hired almost 20 new people and not one was African American. Isn’t something wrong here?” Check it out, Dr. Perry because that is just not fair.”

“Mayor Daisy Pray, you need to have a town hall meeting to answer the questions of the citizens of Walthourville. They deserve to get answers to their questions.”

“Morale at the hospital is worse than ever!”

“Can you hire some of the “Letter to the Editor” folk to do your regular writing. They are much more interesting and capable. You would do a greater service to the community by posting what your community has concerns about rather than covering for those in the political arena who do wrong.”

“Lyman Hall Elementary has no funds to assist their teachers. The teachers have to purchase their own paper because the principal obviously doesn’t have the funds. Why do the teachers have to fork out so much money? We are already underpaid and unappreciated.

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