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Sound off for Sept. 5
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To the low-income handicapped person that’s looking for a vehicle to go to his doctor’s appointment, call transportation — they would be glad to take you to and from your appointments. Call transportation.

I have a rebuttal for the Sound off for the VFW: Yes, it is true, we have a better new cook, we have a better new grill, and in fact, over three or four weeks, we have better new flags. We’d like to thank the concerned VFW member for bringing that to our attention.

You have drivers that go on Pineland Avenue making a left turn on 196, they are hogging the road. There’s a white line that’s supposed to have two vehicles that can go past, but no, they have to hog in both of those lanes and people have to sometimes sit there five minutes to right turn. They should not be making left turns on Pineland Avenue when it’s busy.

Every week in the paper, we get an ad for A.C. Moore Company for all the pretty things they have, but we don’t have an address. Where is the A.C. Moore Company? And where is the candy company address in the paper that we could do business with the candy company? They never put these addresses in.

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