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Sound off June 18

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Walthourville, I am so glad the Sound Off is used to voice opinions. I don’t think this has anything to do with the current chief. Thank you chief for silence and not entertaining this foolishness. Stay strong chief, God is preparing you for promotion. Keep up the good job.  Council men and women, this is clearly about hidden possibilities at city hall and by city hall and for council to look into.

The mayor of Midway has forced the financial manager to quit. The men on the council are spineless! The act as if they are scared of her. Nothing gets done. The water bill is getting higher and higher, and for what? Please tell me one good thing they have done in 10 years.

Diana Reid should be fired from her position on the Hinesville City Council. Also a public apology should be given to Billy Edwards. Going forward it would be in the best interest of the citizens of Hinesville that the city council have instructions on proper procedure of their authority before they cast any votes of restrain.

Mayor Allen Brown reportedly became so angry during a closed executive meeting on 1 June that he stormed out of the meeting and did not return.  I’ve also seen his angry outbursts in other meetings.  Seems to me we have a mayor who fails to represent us completely because of his anger management issues and I’m looking forward to our next election.

Mr. Jim Comey is man of moral values far smarter than Mr. Trump one who lacks values . Mr. Trump has a mockery of the Oval Office, these days full of Black Lies. I as a citizen of this great nation have no  trust in executive branch. Mr. Trumpet is a pathological liar with no moral compass. Mr. Comey understands that honesty is the best policy.

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