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Sound off June 21
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• I would like to know what the Long County commission is going to do about the falling housing prices in the subdivisions in District 2 NE Long Co. In 2009 houses that sold for $180,000 are now selling for less than 140,000. Is this is due to over building or foreclosures?? Its time to put a moratorium on building in Long County. .

• There were 2 large alligators on 84 the other day. Is the city going to do anything about this alligator outbreak?

• Buddy Carter voted for Trumpcare. This bill would add as much as $13,000.00 to the cost of health insurance for those 50 to 64, and would discriminate against people with preexisting health conditions. Maybe its time to flip the First Congressional District.

• I remember a time when puppy dogs and human beings weren’t on the same footing.

• Just one question. Put this in all caps please. ARE THEY NUTS? Thank you.

• Do Liberty County Sheriff Department have minorities work there? If so, why were there no minorities on the trip to DC for Memorial Day?

• The new health care bill passed by the congress needs to be called Trump does not care.

• I see where the school board is paying this man $800 a day. What about the workers working in school system, the custodians parapros and teachers, what about us? What you going to do for us?

• Thank you to the person who turned my wallet in at Krogers in Hinesville. May god bless you always. Thank you.

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