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Sound Off June 29

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Are the public schools teaching American and world history anymore? You just have to watch these kids trying answer a question about a war, or who won the Civil War on TV, and they don’t know nothing.

The school board needs to get on one accord. There are a lot of problems with the board. The board is getting worse. I’m a concerned citizen, and I’m worried about the schools and the kids.

Please, Liberty County High School, take a look at your School Governance Team. There are some people on there that shouldn’t be on there.

I’m in nutrition care with the Board of Education. I heard we are supposed to get a 1 percent raise. That’s nothing. The cost of living is higher than that. Our checks are prorated so we get paid the same through the summer, the same pay through the year. So who’s getting the interest? The Board of Education. We should get all the money due to us.
Editor’s note: The BoE’s 2016-17 budget calls for a 3 percent raise for all employees.

We African-Americans here in Liberty County really need to look into who we vote for in the city. We pay taxes. We have a right. There’s a lot of prejudice, racial and underhanded scheming still going on from years ago up until today. It’s not fair.

Button Gwinnett is getting a new kitchen, but they have no money to give us a decent raise. The state gives money each year just for that and to pay workers. So are the 2016 new Fords in the budget?

So we are getting a new Bojangles’. We used to have one years ago. What happened? The stores that people shop at like Kmart and Winn-Dixie are no longer here. So the city, our officials, let two Neighborhood Wal-Marts come here. One of them could have been a store we don’t already have.

Our young people are graduating and leaving Hinesville because they don’t have anything here to look forward to as far as jobs. And some college graduates come home and can’t get a good-paying jobs. Are the businesses here afraid of hiring African-Americans with college degrees? Why would you hire the military that’s only going to be here a couple years instead of stable resident who has been here for years?

Has our storm warning siren here in Hinesville been repaired yet? A February article said it wasn’t working. Is it just a joke? Are we all just sitting here waiting to get blown away?

No one seems to know how much we are paying our elected officials, and their staff. That would be nice to know. Please research it, and publish it.

What gives the right for a Long County deputy in his pickup to go 85 mph on 196 extension from Savannah? He had no lights on, nothing, just hauling butt. It should be illegal for law enforcement officers to do that.
We were recently informed by the probate court that we didn’t live in District 1, that we live in our local District 12. So as soon as we can find that district we’ll move there.

Dr. Lee is not being threatened, she’s just not doing her job. She’s overpaid for a county this size. Check Glynn County, Chatham County you’ll find out she makes more per school than those superintendents. She just passes kids so she looks good. You’ve got to admit the tablets were failures. Parents have had to teach their kids more this year than ever because they didn’t learn anything in school because they had to meet Common Core curriculum plus her requirements. She’s got to go.

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