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Sound Off March 21
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These opinions are not the Courier’s. Callers are not required to identify themselves, so we can verify neither sources nor motives. You may also anonymously submit a comment online at

“Well, my first pay check after the tax cut and me and my family get to keep $35 more of our money. That’s a lot of money. Thank you, Mr. President.”

“It’s time we stand together as the American people to get rid of this president. The other branches are not doing anything and he’s destroying our country.”

“If we want to talk about Russian collusion, what about Hillary when she was secretary of state pushing a deal to give Russia rights to our uranium and when the deal went through the Russians paid the Clinton Foundation millions.”

“Courier needs to ask all these candidates running for office if they support off-shore oil drilling.”

“Thank you code enforcement for cleaning up Varnedo Street.”

“We must be pretty stupid to let the Russians influence our elections. I voted for Trump because I’d never vote for Hillary ‘Stand by Your Man’ Clinton. So, in fact, Democrats influenced my vote.”

“Thank you Jeff Whitten for your editorial about the gun debate. I agree. Bottom line, where does this kill power end?”

“Got a visit from the ‘yard police.’ It’s amazing how I have not seen them in my 20 years living at this address but now my boat is offensive parked in my driveway. Guess someone is justifying the job that we are paying them for. Sure wish they would clean up the rental properties in Hinesville and leave the older homeowners alone.”

“Wow 18 school bus routes open for next year already whats going on with transportation why our drivers getting fired or leaving the board needs to realize something must be wrong.”

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